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How to find out shorting in laptop motherboard First Set your Multimeter on Diode or continuity mode Connect the black probe to the ground of the Board Fix it to any of the ground hole or use crocodile clip And reconfirm that the ground is connected properly So the ground is connected properly.

Let’s troubleshoot and find out the shorting Test the SMD Coil on the board with multimeter Testing Method : One Probe connected to Ground and other Probe on any side of the coil If the coil is Ground, You will here the buzzer sound Check all the coils, with continuity test If any of the coil is short, Motherboard will not Turn On Battery Detection Resister.

Troubleshooting Procedure: Remove Coil one by one with the help of hot air gun and locate to the fault section Let’s start with the first coil and test the board As you can see the first coil has been removed We will remove all the components, in the section (ie IC, capacitors, mosfet.

) We have found the faulty Mosfet, from the same section Mosfet Testing Method Touch Porbe to both side, you should get reading (240 to 960 = Ok) Recomended (450 – 550 = Perfect condition) if not then the mosfet is Short or Leak Replace the faulty part with same or equivalent part with the help of data sheet.