Whether you cracked or damaged your desktop PC, laptop screen or damaged or spilled something on your keyboard, we are always ready to take care of it. We have a complete stock of spare parts for laptop screen and keyboard replacements.

Any screen or keyboard part that we don’t have in our stock, we can order it and it will be delivered within 1-2 business days.  Laptop Repairs Okehampton provides desktop, laptop screen and keyboard repair and replacement services for all brands and models.

Our highly trained and experienced computer technicians can replace or repair your broken laptop screen. We also repair or replace missing individual keys or entire damaged keyboard due to any reason. We can solve all laptop LCD and LED screen issues with complete comfort.

Our knowledgeable staff also helps you to decide whether your laptop needs repairs or spare part replacement would be apt. With our affordable prices, you get fast and reliable service for PC and laptop screen and keyboard replacements.