Laptops, computers, phones, tablets have become a very integral part of our lives today and our documents, photos, music, videos, financial have been converted into digital file that is stored in to hard drive. Can you imagine if your hard drive crashes, what would happen?

Whether you need to back up your data to an external drive or transfer data from one PC to another, we at Okehampton Computer and Laptop Repairs are always ready to help. We provide reliable computer data back up and transfer services to the customers who want to back up their data to an on-site, off-site and cloud location of their choice.

Okehampton Computer and Laptop Repairs offers various back up and transfer solutions to secure your precious digital data at very affordable prices. We have experienced staff that can help you to transfer data from PC to PC, PC to External Hard Drive, PC to cloud (online backup), and PC to CD/DVD.

Backing up and transferring data is an essential aspect of computer and laptop maintenance, as it ensures that your important files and documents are safe in case of any hardware failure or system crash.

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