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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks for Cortana

Cortana can perform context-based search and to illustrate exactly what that means, imagine you’re working on a PowerPoint presentation you save it and right when you need it you just can’t find it maybe it’s not saved in the place you thought it would be.

Rather than searching through file explorer you can actually just ask what Cortana to show you PowerPoint presentations from today if you have a Windows Phone or even an Android phone with Cortana installed, Cortana can send SMS text messages.

That’s right, actually use phone number to send messages from your phone.

All you have to do is say “send an SMS message to” and the name of the recipient a box will pop up for you go ahead and enter your message If you’re sitting at a local Starbucks and a song comes on and you wanna know who plays that song so you can add it to your collection you can actually asked Cortana to identify the song for you.

You can either verbally give her these instructions by saying “what song is this” or you can click on the microphone icon and then the musical icon to have her start listening Beyond identifying songs, Cortana can also play any artist, album or song that you have in your Groove Music collection.

“Here’s Supremacy” Now even if you’re not a Groove Music subscriber you can import your music into the groove music app, so you can use this functionality.

If you want to play a song or artist or album that is not in your groove music collection, Cortana will still give you different options that you can use to play that song.

In addition to finding music and then playing it, Cortana can also pause and resume music using voice commands.

“Pausing” Cortana can also change a number of different settings in Windows.

So if you can’t find where the Bluetooth setting is in order to turn it off or on you can actually just ask for Cortana to turn off or on for you.

“Bluetooth is now off”Rather than opening your web browser and then typing an address into the address bar to navigate to that website, you can actually just type the full web addresses into Cortana hit enter and then that website will launch for you.

There are also a number of shortcut keys that you can use to launch different Cortana functions Windows key + Q will show the Cortana home, Windows key +S will allow you to immediately start typing into Cortana.

Windows key + C will send Cortana into listening mode so you can provide voice commands.

There’s no need to perform complex conversions on your own.

All you need to do is ask Cortana to convert.

Now, you can do things like convert dollars to euros or feet to meters right in Cortana.

In addition to conversions, Cortana can also do all kinds of simple calculations.

So rather than opening up the calculator app to perform a calculation, just go ahead and type the whole calculation into Cortana and she’ll do that for you.

Cortana is also a built in dictionary so rather than having to go to dictionary.

Com or something like that to find the definition of a word, just go ahead and type define and then the word that you need defined,and Cortana will give you the answer.

You don’t need to go to fandango.Com to find out when James Bond is playing.

Just type movie times and then the name of the movie that you wanna see and Cortana will show you times in your area.