How to recover deleted data from PC easily?

“You can now recover your lost or deleted data from PC easily on your own”. Sounds quite unusual, but you can recover your lost data or deleted data from PC that too very easily, if you discover the loss soon. Chances of recovering deleted or lost files lows down every time you write anything on hard drive. Try to minimize the use of computer until you recover complete data. Here’s how you can recover deleted data or files from the PC:
Look in the bin:
Windows store deleted data in Recycle bin as a safety measure. It is one of the obvious place to look for your deleted files. Sometime you may find your deleted files there and you can recover those files by dragging and dropping the files on desktop to restore them.
Use your backup:
It might be the case that you have deleted your files from recycle bin in order to remove trash from your PC or you might have the habit of using ‘Shift + Delete’ for deleting files. In such cases, recovering data from backup is another solution. If you have habit of backing up your hard drive or libraries then you can find you’re deleted files or data from there. If you don’t backup your files then sorry this solution is not for you.
Restore previous version:
You can also recover your deleted data or files by restoring previous version. Once your file gets deleted from the system, the space covered by that file is cleared and is marked as free space available for saving other things. But your computer won’t overwrite that space unless it has no other option available. If you are recovering anything through this process then don’t download or save anything at that time. You can do this by right clicking the location where your file was stored and selecting restoring previous version.
Try free recovery software:
As stated above, your computer don’t overwrite the space made available by deleting any file or data until it doesn’t have any other option is available for saving data. That’s why it is advised not to download or save any data while restoring deleted data. There are various software available for recovering deleted data and files. These software are easy to use and have good track of record in recovering deleted data. These are so portable that you don’t have to install if you want to use them.
If all the above methods fail or you are unable to recover data on your own, then land on the last resort i.e. hire a professional to recover data for you. With above methods you can recover your data and files from the PC which was deleted accidentally from your computer.