I forgot my Windows 10 password

So you forgot your Windows 10 password don’t worry it’s pretty easy to reset it and I’ll show you how so here’s the deal when you log into Windows 10 you’re probably using your Microsoft account password because that’s what you use to get into all of your microsoft services if you forget that password windows gives you a way to reset it I’ll show you how it works so here I am at the password screen and oh god I forgot my password is it this I don’t know so now Windows 10 is going to tell you your passwords incorrect and it’ll show you a URL that you can use to go and reset your password so I’m pretending that I’m going to another PC so I can go on to this website and reset my password so we’re going to account live.com slash password / reset and here Windows is going to ask you why can’t you sign in and I’m going to say I’m a spazz and I forgot my password sorry hit next and here’s where you recover your account so again Windows is trying to protect your PC from people who are trying to get in and find your current password so you’re never going to get your old password back no big deal you’ve forgotten it anyway right you’re going to have to prove you are who you are so that you can reset your password so here we go I need to enter my Microsoft account and it’s right here and then it’s going to do one of those letter tests so that you can prove that you’re not a bot so I’m going to do this and oh this is a little hard s and go to next yes I passed so now they need to verify your identity in another way and what you’ve hopefully set up in your Windows 10 account already are secondary ways that they can contact you to make sure you are who you are so I’ve set up a way for Windows to contact me via text message or via my phone number to you know warn me of anything that’s going on so that’s what I’m looking at here so how would I like to get my security code I’m going to have you text me and then they want to verify that this is your phone number again they want to make sure you are who you are so I’m going to enter the last four digits of my phone number and then click send code my phone is going to show up with the text which it did and I’m going to enter the code that’s on it and then I hit next and now this is where I reset my password so again your old password gone forever I have to set up a new one and then I have to type it again and hit next so now I’m going to hypothetically go back to my locked system and reenter my new password and see if I can get in so here we go this is it the moment of truth can she remember the password she set two minutes ago success I’m back in so as you can see as long as you have your back up text message and phone number things set up windows makes it really easy for you to recover your password and it makes it very hard for hackers to find out your password if you have more questions about Windows 10 email us at answers at PC world comm