Things to do with your old computer parts

After purchasing a new computer, you are all set to say bye to your old computer and switch to a new one. Your new computer will be having boatload of memory, lots of cores, and a fast, modern graphics card and your old pc would be sitting in the corner without getting used.
Here are the certain ideas which you can implement to make a good use of your old computer and its parts.
Converting it into a home server:
You can convert your old pc into a server if more than one user are using your home network. All pcs can’t be used for this purpose, ask your service provider before doing it. You can also use your old PC as a storage device for storing photos or important files and use it whenever you need them.
Donate it to educational institution:
If your PC is in working condition then donate it to the day care center or any local educational institution. Before donating install some necessary software which can be useful to the institution taking it. Also remove your personal data from and uninstall the programs you have installed earlier while using it. If your pc is not in working condition then you can donate it to the high schools for hardware testing purposes.
Turn it into an experimental box:
Your old PC can prove to be a good experimental box that can give wings to all your experiment of using new software and OS. You can partition windows of your old system with Linux (Ubuntu). There are many software that can work on Linux and can bring new experience for you.
Convert it into a gaming console:
If you love playing games than you can convert your PC into a gaming console by installing an emulator of your choice. This would enable you to play games on your TV screens. Adding emulator to your pc would allow you to play and enjoy the game from the time of your father.
Get it recycled through reputable recycling firm:
You can get your old PC recycled through a reputable recycling firm. As all electronics recycling programs are not created equally, you must go through net or take help of EPA guide to know about it.
If your PC is in working condition than it can be helpful in making money for you. You can sell your PC and earn money from it. You can also use it for making DIY projects.