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Most prominent computer problems with their solutions

Most prominent computer problems with their solutions

Each and every person using computers face one or the other problems with his or her system and calling a technician for these problems can bring stress on their wallets.

Following are the most prominent computer problems with their appropriate solutions.
Slow computer:
It is one of the most common and frustrating problem faced by almost every user. Lack of maintenance, fragmented data, a corrupted registry, spyware and dozens of unnecessary programs running at the same time can be major causes. Keep track of your programs. Remove programs which you don’t use at all and always close the program once you have used it. Clean your registry with one of the many free or paid applications available for Windows or OS you use.
Slow internet connection:
If downloading, browsing or streaming videos and music online have to suffer because of slow speed internet. Troubleshooting methods for slow internet connection would be depending on the factors of problem you are facing. If you can’t reach any site then try rebooting your modem. Check for the programs running background and causing auto download of files.
Computer doesn’t turn ON:
Worst situation, you hit power button but machine doesn’t start. There are number of factors which can cause this computer problem to take place. It may be due to something as simple as a loose cord, or as serious as a dead power supply. Sometimes your PC gets started but it may be monitor who is the actual culprit. Check for the loose cables and fix them fast. If still the problem persist then call the technician for help.
Distorted display:
If your screen looks weird – random lines or psychedelic graphics randomly appears or display goes off as soon you switch on the PC. This means your graphic card or monitor is sick and needs an urgent action for smooth working. Look for the power supply to monitor and if there is any problem related to graphic card then get it changed by the experts.
Forgetting backup of data:
Most of the home users overlook the importance of backing up their data and files. Because of this they have to face when their important files and folders go missing from the saved location. Always back up your data until it is too late to recover them. There are various ways like restoring previous version, checking recycle bin for files, etc. to recover the lost data.

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